Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ever Eden and web sensation Michelle Phan have collaborated to bring you Ever Eden, a fashion jewelry line guided by the allure of a symphony, beheld in the kingdom of heaven on earth.  The Ever Eden mandorla logo entrusts an ancient symbol of two overlapping circles; symbolic of a universe where heaven and earth unite.

The initial Ever Eden collection finds inspiration in the story of Saint Joan of Arc.  In the 15th century, a brave peasant daughter of a shepherd became a soldier and led the French army into victory.

Joan of Arc professed to bear God’s message, and at the age of 16 she embarked on a mission to stand before the French King Charles VII and declare her destiny to lead the King’s army. Convinced of her divine crusade, the King armored Joan and presented her with a large army to lead. 

A few years later, Joan was captured as a prisoner of war and sentenced to death, to be officially declared a saint over 500 years later.

The Ever Eden line is divided into two categories - Sanctuary and Knight. The Sanctuary pieces represent Joan’s faith and spirit, and are inspired by rose windows on churches and the mandorla symbol. The armory inspired Knight collection personify Joan’s bravery and strength.
(from the website)

I am so amazed when Michelle Phan released her own jewelry line. With unique pieces and great photos, you'll surely enjoy shopping! Want a story and BTS video from Ever Eden? Watch it here. Who doesn't love Michelle Phan's make up on the photos below?

 I wanna have some jewelry like these on my collection but I can't afford one! Hahaha! I really love the ring on the photo where she is sealing her lips. What a great piece! So what's your favorite? :)

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