Friday, June 29, 2012

Errand and Hospital

I miss you guys here on my blog! Big hug and hello! I wanna share you some not fashion related photos again to summarize how my unwell body fights an errand and my day went through with my everlasting back bone, Kev. Kahit alam kong pagod na siya kakautos ko, push parin siya sa lahat ng utos ko. Hehe, advantage ng may sakit! Joke lang! After a lunchyerda (meryenda & lunch) at The Old Spaghetti House, Technohub I wasn't lazy to pull of Kev's camera so scroll down!

Hindi 'to kay Katy, samin to ni Kev samin! We're like kiddos sometimes and most of the time everytime so ang daming time. Potchis are nostalgic because I always buy these as a pasalubong for my best friend when she was here in PH but then again she's now in Canada, for real.

I wore a statement necklace from Accents Accessories with my bland outfit and I don't want to show it to you hahaha! I look so pale and my clothes too. This one's the solution!

Stuck from Stacie Orrico, do you know her? Well you had a good music and please don't listen to artists nowadays, just kidding!

 Guess what? After a last shoot for Snoopy from 4 pm to 8:30 pm we immediately headed to St. Lukes for a quick check up kasi ayaw ko na manghula kung anu nangyayari sa katawan kong precious at siyempre sa tingin ko lang yun. Anyway, that wasn't quick pala, 3 hours mahigit ba naman! Got home at 1am, para lang kaming tumipar!

Less less less. :( I want more more more!  Low white blood cell count which is 4,800 is the normal while my potassium is low too.

Surprised with Katy's crib, it became wide and look at her position, sobrang take advantage sa crib niya! Hahaha! Thanks to Kev's Mom!

On the second day, I was so hot like literally with 38.3 and I wished to be hot physically with boobs and curves but that 's a joke only. I woke up with Choco Butternut Donut and Milk, thank you my love!

24/7 view for 5 days!

My right hand, the one who takes care of me every second of my life as of the moment. Thanks sa pagsubo sakin ng lunch ko!

My favorite pillow and pillow case. Kev bought it from Muji and I chose this texture, so huggable! I'm okay now and ready to strut again my full energy in this world but sometimes my bones aren't that good (especially my scoliosis) and so my head. Pardon me for that, I want to eat healthy, exercise often and make more outfit posts! Thank you sponsors for sending over some stuffs for me! Thank you too friends for giving some advices, to Kev, my daughter, my family and God also!

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  1. Aw, Bella! Take care! <3 Katy's so cute! Buti sya ganyan magsleep, my baby Z lagi nakadapa. :p


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