Monday, June 4, 2012

Bloggers United 3 | What We Bought

Did you enjoy the Bloggers United yesterday? Well for us we did though it was sweat exchange and the place is so small for the event. Will talk about it soon after this post with the stuffs we bought. :)


Kryz Uy's shoes for only 1000 in 2 pairs! Yay or Nay? When we bought 1st pair there was no Kryz Uy, she showed off when we had the fourth round and picked the floral one. :)

All from Cheyser! She's my favorite blogger that's why I bought lotsa stuffs from her, too bad I didn't get the orange shoes from Zalora. Aww!

Thanks Verniece for the free floral dress, will share the story why this is free on my next post! I don't know the name of the blogger where I bought the knit one but I really love it!

Kev just bought two items, too sad but I think he likes it. A jacket from Bjorn for only 100! And a camera necklace, so cute!

Easy Bun Maker from Joanna and a connector ring from Love Chic!

Some good stuffs and from the event! Enjoyed the BU3 so much! Will post more photos on my next post! :)

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  1. wahhh.. ang gaganda, sa susunod isama mo nman ako.


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