Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Feather Earrings : Forever 21
Gold Necklace : Les' Moda
Tribal Top : Forever 21
Denim Top : Les' Moda
Denim Shorts : Les' Moda
Socks : Japan
Shoes : So Fab!

Darn face! What was that? HAHA! Don't focus on my face, just the outfit okay?! My necklace here is for sale from Les' Moda, it is versatile and would popped out your simple outfit but in my case, medyo magulo outfit ko eh. Haha! The denim top is also sale but I'd love to buy it, kidding! It's for you guys! My top, earrings and shoes are from Kev!
 Pwede na ba ako maging westerner? That's one of my favorite styles or themes! I remember when I was a HRM student, we ran an event with Cowboy/Western theme and I did the production, styling and it went oh so well! I got high grades! Yebah! So, are you excited for another school year? I kinda miss my schools! As in may "S"! Thanks my labs for the photos!

Hype hype hype!


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