Thursday, May 17, 2012


It was a rainy day and we were waiting for Dada, our model for Les' Moda's 4th collection at Shakey's Centris Walk. We missed this restaurant since we've been addicted to fast food chains like Jolibee and Mcdo and we know that it's not healthy, good thing Shakey's Super Platter Meal has Caesar Salad like Pizza Hut's Super Panalo!

Regular Iced Tea in a long glass. Classy!
I always crave for this Corn and Chicken soup! <3
The usual thing is this meal's for one person only but it's also good for Kev and I! Haha! Tipid?
I love their branch at Centris Walk, cozy and big! It has a party room na gusto namin dun mag 1st birthday si Katy. :)

I always look for this piece whenever I visit Shakey's.
Vain photos! Guess who's my peg for the last photo? Lol!
 Thank you Shakey's for always feeding our tummies! Warning, this is not healthy but it's delicious! Super Platter meal is perfect whenever we stroll around the mall and suddenly feel

Always & Forever,

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