Thursday, May 10, 2012

Scorching Leopard

Earrings: Prink Accessories
Nails: The Face Shop
Blazer: Forever 21 (Jen King's Closet)
Leopard Tank Top: Les' Moda
Leopard Pumps: Les' Moda
DIY Shorts: Bella's Closet
Heart Stockings: Japan

 Hello lovies! I miss blogging! I'm kinda busy since this week started, pero lagi naman talaga akong busy. Oh well, I am disappointed with my camera kasi may problems and hindi namin siya magamit! We're currently borrowing Ning's Canon 60D for the shoot rin of Les' Moda's 4th collection on Saturday. Just earlier, I asked Kev to take pictures of me since may camera naman and tried our new Beauty Dish. I actually wore this blazer yesterday from an interview, (it's a secret) haha! This one's from Ate Jing, a life saver businesswoman! A package arrived from Prink Accessories, and so I complement it with my leopard pieces here, I guess it's okay naman. The earrings are light and very versatile, it's perfect for plain tees kasi pang bonggakels ang dating niya! Orange/ Red Orange is one of the most popular trends now and I am in love with it! I even revamped my last blog design in orange and wore the same color at Candy Style Awards. Did you notice my super light Ombre?
So what's in store for you before the Mother's day? Do you have plans to surprise your Mom?

P.S: The Leopard Pumps is for sale! Visit Les' Moda for details. :)
Hype my look on!

Always & Forever,


  1. Wow I love how colorful this look is. I'm really into red, yellow, and blue.. in fact I just made a theme naganun yung base ng colors ko.. pwell, pink instead of red tho hehe. anyways, I like your red cardigan. sobrang vibrant nung color.. cathes attention!♥

    1. Hi Sandra! I'm followin your blog pala hehe. Can we exchange ads too? :) HAHA! We're the same pala, I made a theme rin before eh, di ko siya ma-blog pa. :) Anyway, I love the blazer too but it's not mine. :)


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