Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Tired of getting jelly with your Facebook friend's vintage photos? Aren't you familiar with Adobe Photoshop? Don't have Instagram account 'cause you can't afford Iphone? Well I have a surprise for you guys! Let's welcome PicMonkey on our lame photos! It's like an online Photoshop with splendifirous choices!

The user friendly interface, I'm sure you'd enjoy this as I do!

I used my old photos to try it out, these are my favorite effects!

You can add up textures too! I know you're excited to try it on your photo now!

 Just like Instagram, PicMonkey has these kind of borders too! Lovely!

 Even polaroids!

Lastly, you can put clip-arts and words without limits! You can rotate and adjust the size of it. Share with me your edited photos from PicMonkey lovies! Have a wonderful night! <3

Always & Forever,

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