Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cheap and Purdy

Fab headpiece from Forever 21! I forgot the exact price but I think it's 95 only! Had them checked at Megamall and North Edsa, unfortunately the stocks ran out!

We know it's not healthy and it could live for years but I don't know why we're still eating these!

Just one click with your blurry lens and voila, pretty lights or bokeh came out!

SM malls are now using brown paper bags every Mondays and Wednesdays. I am wishing for this since I was in my Mom's tummy!

Got this dainty bag for only 150! What can you say huh? But the pearls are gone now, HAHA!

Are you a branded clothes, accessories addict
or just contented with cheap but fab finds?


  1. I'm not a branded person. Mom used to buy me brands but don't really want and I hesitated to buy since having Cheap but fab finds is more fun to look for, especially vintage and thrifts na maganda yung quality.Who knows maybe you might find treasures that only you can have?diba mami?

    1. Yeah and I love sale items too! Most of the time I am getting those unique pieces and I am used to it. I tried ukay2 once but I didn't like the items sa napuntahan ko, maybe sa iba okay. :)

  2. cheap but fab finds! ... i have tried ukay2, andami magaganda sa napuntahan ko but for fashionista tlga,fashion blogger lang ang peg,but i'm not used to wear scene stealer clothes.


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