Friday, April 20, 2012

Vern Enciso's Blog Design

 (click the photo for a preview)

Last April 18, we finished our design for Vern Enciso's "A Shoe Tale" blog! We felt her excitement over text and Facebook messages, and even Twitter. She's one of the fashionable bloggers here in our country today. A girl with a happy face and hyper aura made our work easy.

Thanks Vern for mentioning my name on your post! We decided to meet at the I love Koi event happened last night, unfortunately she left the club earlier so the meet up was postponed. Excited to see you gray! I am calling her "gray" 'cause she really loves that color. Hehe.

You wanna revamp your blog too? Bella & Kevin would love to help you! Visit our page and message us your blog's link, the theme & colors you want, pegs and more. We are currently exchanging messages with our clients about blog revamping! 

Again, thanks Vern Enciso!

Always & Forever,

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