Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vain-ness Inside

Hi lovies, sorry for the overload full bloated faces I have here. I forgot how to be vain for the meantime when I was pregnant until recovering after I gave birth. I don't know if I am hating myself now for being fat or to be proud of my body 'cause my baby Katy's the one who did this to me. Well, I am not blaming her, in a way, she makes me proud of my stretchmarks and my big tummy now. She came from me, only in my tummy.

I didn't edit any photos here, the Photobooth made this all well. Oh thank you for this non-blemishes software you left Steve Jobs.

Cute Floral corset I bought a year ago from Blazer from Supersale bazaar.

Leaves long earrings from Forever21, my favorite shade for my nails from Elianto. I'm owning humble boobs so don't expect that I am trying hard to show it off. LOL!

Peace y'all! Don't hate!

Covering my bloated tummy. :) Belt from H&M and DIY shorts.

Gotta go!

Always & Forever,

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