Monday, April 9, 2012

Momo Cafe

On Easter Sunday, after attending the mass. We went to Eastwood and ate at Momo Cafe near the entrance of the mall. Crowded and full of happiness around the place. I was with King family and I miss my family.

Italian food FTW! We sat outside and Kev's sister got a free face paint!

Lovin' all the pieces here!

Credits :

Here's what Kev's family ordered for us!

Sweet tooth.

Corndog and Fries made me wiggle!

Usual Ceasar Salad.

Thin Crust Pizza!

 Thanks to Kev's Mom for sponsoring a rack and hangers for our shop Les' Moda and to Kuya Eric who gave me a Happy Lemon! Got home so tired and my daughter cried a lot for being sleepyhead. Cleaned our room, fixed and tossed out the unnecessary stuffs with my partner.

Always & Forever,

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