Sunday, April 15, 2012

Heatwave Bazaar 2012

Have you visited the Heatwave Bazaaar at the World Trade Center? It only runs from April 13 upto today! You only have an hour to shop!

Yesterday, Kev and I took a sneak peak of the bazaar. So many clothes, accessories, foods and other necessary stuffs for everyday life.

When you get inside, you'll see a photobooth and entrance fee booths. You will pay 50 pesos for one adult. Is it worth it? Well, let us see.

I was impressed when we entered the bazaar. I saw the AD I did for Props Tools & Cosmetics!

 Every aisle has crowds.

('Di man lang ako nakapag-bikini before nabuntis, hahaha!

Si Ate Beki po ang galing mang-alok dito!

For Katy! So cuuuuuttteee!

Neon colors perfect for summer!
(Tiis sakit ng mata!)

This shop has affordable items! Sorry, we forgot the name of it!

That's just our little compilation of what we have seen. In my opinion, the best-est is Supersale Bazaar! Can't wait for May 23-27 at SMX for another Supersale! Visit their FB page for infos.

(Magdala kayo ng tote bags para bawas tayo sa basurang mga plastiks. Okay? Double meaning ata yung sinabi ko? Haha!)

I love bazaars so stay tuned for more updates and photos! Search for more blog entries about our adventures in M. Manila bazaars here in my blog!

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