Saturday, April 7, 2012

From Canada with Love

It was a random day, went in Manila for some business stuff and headed at MOA to meet Joanna and his oh so nice boyfriend, Jayson. I love them so much! Joanna is one of our COCC's back when I was high school. Me and my bestfriend, Justine were the officers in CAT. As usual, COCC and Officers aren't that harsh nowadays, we were good friends and laughed about the higher positioned peeps! Then, she flew away and went to Canada a long time ago, accidentally having a tight friendship with my bestfriend, Justine who's now in the said country. 

We met at Starbucks MOA, the branch there has new sofas and tweaked some of the design of the store unlike before, it was so boring but the place is always full ever since. She ordered 3 assorted Venti Frappuccinos, of course mine was Caramel but the jelly thing in my frap wasn't nice! I love this photo! Thanks Jayson for this! I only hate how I held the Starbucks frap, I didn't know that! LOL!

So I decided to brought them on the next Starbucks near the Manila Bay. We sat and talked a few then Joanna said that she needed a swimsuit and you know that I love to help others regarding on clothes.

I fell in love with the new Terranova! It's like a Forever 21 store. I missed major tweaks at MOA, awwww. Thanks to the couple for meeting me up here!

Look at the white wall at Terranova's entrance, it's like a projector with moving graphics and such. So unique!

Hahahaha I have two versions of this photo. The other one is Joanna's wearing a two piece. She hid her body at the top photo, hahaha!

This is Tomato, I'm not a fan of this shop but the photo here is so good.

Joanna, bought a swimwear here. I remember she asked the saleslady if they have another color of the item she wanted, the saleslady said that, "yes, coffee brown" then she handed us the color blue one. I don' know what's her color wheel!

Joanna got mad when she saw the swim wears in Seventeen, right beside Tomato. Hahahaha! 

Okay, so don't focus on my bloated tummy!

 I wish my bestfriend Justine were here! The feeling when I was with Joanna is like I have my bestfriend back! She's lucky to bond my best friend almost everyday in their work.

 Yes, we got problems at Bench.

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Nothing, I just miss this mall!

 Magnum here is so hype in the Philippines but I don't like it. At first I was so excited to buy one but I got disappointed.

So they asked me where to eat 'cause they don't know what are the best restaurants at MOA. I did suggest The French Baker which was my chillin' place after my 9pm class before.  I think they loved it!

Thanks Joanna and Jayson for the treat again! I owe you one!

 Kev and I haven't tried macaroons yet, we don't know where to buy the best-est in town! I always take a photo of The French Baker's place mats. It's always lovely!

My all time favorite! Chicken Ala King! Try this one and you'd love to order more!

The expensive Angus Burger. The couple wanted to drink that gravy, hahaha!

Joanna's pesto! 

After I received my stuffs at package pick-up, I took a photo of them before we went near Manila Bay. Jayson wanted to see the MOA's eye.
The two enjoyed Simsimi!

LOL at my heavy bags! Thanks Jayson for helping me out with these!

No it isn't my first time!

Major mall feet here! But I love this day! It poured and sometimes the sun was so bright that I couldn't help and got angry with the heat. My body legs lasted for about 14 hours? After MOA, I took the FX and accidentally saw Kev's parents at Espana so they stopped and just waited for me at the near gas station. We went home at around 8:30 pm and as I pulled off my bags in our room, we went straight at Trinoma and watched Hunger Games with Kev's siblings. I did sleep at the movie house 'cause the movie was like a hand held video shoot. It is really a dizzy one! Seriously, I didn't like it but the story is okay and I don't know what happened in the end. Major tired! Went home at around 1:30 am and slept at 3am. Hope to see you again Joanna and Jayson for a photoshoot!

Will blog about my best friend's gifts for me! Thank you Bez! Will see you real soon! Please!  

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