Monday, March 26, 2012

Bloated All Day

Last June 27 2011 we decided to change our Cole Vintage gift certificates at the Podium, we got 2,500k (GC) and cash also from the work we did to them, being videographers and poster makers. Here's how we always spend our moments inside Kev's car. 
I always bring my camera with me to capture street life and buildings. :)
And here's his hidden talent. :O
Stopped at Cafe France, The Podium to feed our crazy tummies before we went at Cole Vintage.
What's new? We were stucked at Edsa, from Podium to Greenbelt to meet my Aunt's friend from Japan. Though exhausting, we were excited to eat at Yakimix!
The first plate. Hahaha. :D
Seafood! <3
I am craving! Yakiniku tabetai!
He loves grilling!
Smile with the Papaya! Please don't concentrate on my bloated face. Haha. :O
Got drunk from Tempura! We kept on laughing after we eat. Hahaha! *.*
Vain much? :D
How about space for desserts?
Unfortunately I don't like their desserts or maybe I wanted the Japanese ones, the oh so cute little cakes and ice creams and finely textured designs on it.
On our way home, here's the bag and brogue shoes!
Finally, thanks to Labs for giving me this cute mug with a quote, "Together, we're unstoppable. Thanks." We always hang out in the kitchen while drinking. :P Much looooveeee. ♥

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