Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ali & Sophia | Bella & Kevin Productions

[Compressed video, not in HD]

[Please watch in HD]

Hello guys! It's been 48 years since I blogged haha! Just wanna share our latest videos from our cutest clients! These parents are three of the nicest people we've worked with. They were light, understanding, professionals and nice to talk with.

As a person who always in behind the events, we also had fun in these parties which is a good thing! :p

For Ali's, I wanna thank Jon Tapalla & Nuzumi Obikawa for replacing Kevin just for a day. They worked so well and "sanay" na with these kind of parties. 

For Sophia's, it was our first to work with Emerson and he was in charged for the photos that day while Hello & Co. Cinema or Phoebe was the one who invited us to cover the party with video highlights only. 

Before I end up this post, Kev and I are working for a production house with some of our CSB friends and actually we started this around February and stopped for the mean time because of our busy schedules and focused on other responsibilities. But for now, we will give time for it and provide good services to all of the clients in the future. We're all excited in planning "The Creative People" and I just want to share our first humble video we did for a BPO company, please click here if you want to watch it. Thank you! <3


  1. wow! so cute babe! love the videos! galing niyooooo :D

  2. love the video bella! and nice ng party concept too <3


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