Thursday, October 11, 2012

Maybelline | BTS Photos

Yay I am now sharing you guys the BTS photos from Maybelline shoot. We did this last September 29 along with other girls at L'oreal's office. I won't forget this day, I walked in the rain with two heavy bags from Ortigas MRT station to their office. One of my bags was full of clothes and shoes but I didn't wear it on the shoot instead they let me borrowed the stylist's dress, accessories and shoes. While my other bag was full of lenses and a camera because after this shoot I had an event at Nail It's Alphaland opening as a videographer with Phoebe. My dress here is too daring at the back, it's open from my shoulders to hips. Hahaha! They tried it with a black blazer but the stylist refused. I love the guy in brown, she did the last finishing of my hair, lakas maka-Toni Gonzaga! The MUA is to nice too! Although Inah (winner too) and Lee (was my classmate at CSB) are the only two that I know on the shoot, I did enjoy it. I remember the stlist asked me, "Bakit ang laki ng arms mo but your legs is too thin?". When I said that I just got pregnant, she was shocked. Haha! I let the photographer borrowed Kev's camera for more nice quality and brightness. And of course, the loot! I have so much Maybelline here on my make-up kits, Yay! Actually I'm giving away one of their mineral blush here. Will post a detailed OOTD for this one in a while. Thank you so much Maybelline, you have a great team and keep it up! 

What can you say about my executive class look? Lakas ba maka Amor Powers?

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  1. Oh wow. You're so luck to be a part of it sis! You look great! Even I am amazed by the fact that you just got pregnant. Haha.

  2. Hi, you look more beautiful! :) Very sexy! :)

  3. You're lucky Bella! Super pretty! I think I got the same shoes you're wearing in the shoot! Ahh wait! Eto na yung sinasabi mo :D

  4. The lip color is superb! my favorite shade! Congratulations Bella! :)


    Svetlani of

    1. Hello dear! Di ko type yung shade. Ang tarush ko tignan!

  5. ang ganda mo babbbbeeee <3 love it! :)
    ikaw na!!! :D

  6. Wow! How nice sis! :)) I certainly loved the photo with the numerous shoes :) HAHAHAHA!Plus you look so lovely in the outfit!


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