Monday, October 15, 2012

Egg + Simplejoys + Regalong Pambahay

EGG is one of the most special brand for me since 2008. Why on that year? Because I was working online while studying an Adobe Photoshop vocational course after 3 years of taking HRM. I've become a bagaholic and collected EGG bags. I even memorized all of it from large to smallest ones. <3
Kev and I pulled out stuffs at Trinoma branch which taking photos aren't allowed but Kev is always pasaway so there but sorry for the minadaling photos. Haha!
Environmental friendly for using cute tote bags and paper bags!
Bella's fact: I collect tags and have tons of these in a Bear Cuddler can. :)
 If you're an observer, almost all of the malls and kiosks are now using brown paper bags instead of plastics. If you wanna help our environment more, why not bring eco bag or tote bags everyday? Egg is selling fashionably tote bags and the best part is, it's very cheap!
I always buy phone cases/little bags at EGG and now here's my dainty bag now for my C3! It's so cute right?
Simplejoys is one of the cutest stores I've seen. If you're a fan of EGG, you'll always see Simplejoys and  Regalong Bahay within EGG's area. A one stop store right?
A pink and green box with ornamental print for my baby's headbands and clips. Very vintage-y!
Little box great to fill with rings, earrings and other little stuffs.
Finaly my passport has now it's shelter! Thanks to Simplejoys for this and will put my important cards here too!
A bag I use for Katy's bottles whenever we go out but it's really for shoes when you need to bring a pair. It's super versatile! You can use it everywhere, anywhere and anyway you want it!
 For my baby, I pulled these cute little stuffs for her though she has few hair. Better to collect from now on right?

Egg deals with the sale of simple yet trendy bags and pouches capturing the taste of the younger generation. As it taps the younger generation, Egg aims to offer extensive bits and pieces with youthful edge as well as gift items and accessories with a twist.

is a place where the process of gathering, putting together, and presenting gifts becomes a personal experience. The store offers options in giving gifts with a variety of ideas and crafts to choose from thereby enhancing one’s craft and creativity. 

 Known to be a haven for reasonably-priced gifts for the home, Regalong Pambahay offers a wide array of locally-made products with global appeal and youthful edge. Exuding a distinct Filipino flair, Regalong Pambahay, was an inspiration conceived from the handicraft stores along the white-washed beauty of Quiapo church, an idea set quietly within the mind of one particular girl going through the wares in their family’s store.

 See these stuffs on my outfit posts soon! :)


  1. The phone case is so adorable! :3
    I actually shop at EGG as well. They do have a lot of dainty stuffs. :)


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