Monday, August 20, 2012

Girl Crush

Who doesn't love girls that can wear everything under the sun without the "masagwa" or "nakakabastos" thing even though the clothes are daring or sexy? I always adore these two girls with their sense of style - Camille Sioco of and Cheyser Pedregosa of They are just two of my girl crushes. When I was in high school, I don't mind boyfriends but I do have guy crushes but mostly I found girls more interesting especially if they're pasado with my taste. I'm not tibo anyway, I just love fashionistas. I like girls na hindi feeling maganda and hindi niya alam na maganda siya inside and out. For now, I'm not into crushing a lot of girls kasi hindi mo na alam kung sino yung nagpa-surgery na or puro contact lens lang. I always come out with the words, "totoo kaya katawan niyan?", "nagpa-Belo kaya yan?", "hmmm, puro contact lens and eyeliner lang eh". I'm sure that you know what I mean, yeah? You would say that I am just pointing out flaws but I am not that kind of girl before when Belo is not uso and contact lenses are not fashionable.

What I love with these girls above is that they're not afraid to laugh with the camera, smile without make ups and stand up with their unique styles. If I could turn back time when my body is like Olive Oil's, I would wear what they can wear. I am just wishing for the best of my diet! Hahahaha! Who are your girl crushes? Share it with me!

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  1. Ohh. I love reading this post. I thought it was another what I am wearing today post. I like to read things na yung nanggaling talaga sa min. Di ko alam pano e-explain. Yung bang, right now this is what I am thinking about. :)

    Ako naman... I don't often find guys attractive. Sobrang bihira ako nagwagwapohan sa lalake. Unlike sa girls, pag maganda, napapatingin ka talaga. D rin ako tibo, I just adore girls na maganda magdala ng sarili. :)

    PS. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hi. I'm Mary. xx


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