Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birthday Gifts from Japan

Received these gifts from Tita Joy! I am so happy and touched, I wanna cry! Thanks to Tita Marivic for bringing these stuffs here in Philippines although Muntinlupa is too far, grateful that I have Kev and Mom with me a while ago. :)

A dress. This is not just a white plain dress, it has intricate design at the back. I'm so excited to wear this kahit pang payat lang siya. Hahaha!

First time to receive a JJ magazine. I wanna scan you one by one!

And of course, my all time favorite Japanese magazine "Jelly" (September issue). Dagdag sa collection! Thank you so much Tita Joy for these, I really appreciate gifts from you, as in! Kaya kong isa isahin lahat yun. I know you love me too well. I wanna see you, I miss you all Kiyota family! Thanks for remembering my birthday! I hope you'll like our gifts too! From me, Kev and Katy. :)

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  1. happy birthday bella <3
    stay beautiful as always :D

    and nice gifts you have there :D ayeeee :D


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