Sunday, April 22, 2012

Transport Show

Here's my boyfriend/hubby/business partner Kevin King blogging about the event "Transport Show" last April 21, 2012 (Saturday) at SM Megamall. Enjoy his story!

As I walk around sipping Jollibee’s super hyped iced coffee, my eyes were blown out and it smeared on the floor, I’m thinking, these cars in front of me felt unreal, for me it was a dreamland and it was unbelievably awesome and kickass. My girlfriend went with me, she was quite happy (thank God) knowing the fact that she’s not really into this type of event, for cars for that matter. Fortunately, she managed to enjoy herself and I’m grateful for her supportiveness of me.

The new Range Rover is by far the best SUV to date. Well, for me at least, and for what I’ve read, or heard? It is currently the smallest SUV in town. I wouldn’t argue with that, it’s really quite small, like a mini cooper of SUVs. This is a real winner, though it costs every single organ I have in my body, once you get a hand of this car, you’ll really get what you paid for.

This old school mini cooper is really weird, or should I use the word awkward instead? Because I felt really weird seeing this set up, you tell me what's the point of this.

She saw this race bucket seat looking chair and asked me to take a picture of her. Obviously, she enjoyed the moment and figuratively telling me that she is having a great time.

This 1937 Chevrolet is her favorite car. She even told me to use it for our wedding day. I knew that there are shops that lets you rent a vintage car, but will cost you real money. These vintage cars aint cheap, this even cost more than brand new cars today, twice.  Imagine how much it will cost you to restore that.

I came across Dub Shop’s kiosk. They displayed there rims, probably the best ones they could offer. I like rims, I actually bought myself a set, not on Dub Shop hehe.  I told myself that my car needs new shoes.  I’m getting it next week… so excited!

MY EYES!! OH MY EYES!! No words can explain this. No words.

I really wished that there was a girl goofing around inside that cage. Too bad we went early haha. I hated myself because I’m too shy that time and I didn’t really know why, maybe because I’m with my girlfriend? Not gonna use it as an excuse hehe.

More photos.

- Kevin King


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