Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nikita Lim's Goodies from Les' Moda

Again, what's inside of these bags for our 3rd collection model Nikita Lim?

The Face Shop, Forever 21, Papemelroti & Tony Moly

Les' Moda sticker, Bella & Kevin business card, Skin House Gift Certificate, The Face Shop nail polish, Papemelroti planner, Papemelroti ring, Tony Moly stuff.

Forever 21 earrings, Forever 21 Love & Beauty mirror and Forever 21 undies. 

Thanks to Nikita Lim for being so professional during our shoot! She was so patient and kind! Will blog about the behind the scenes of our photoshoot last Wednesday! Come back here on my blog lovies!

Always & Forever,

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