Monday, April 2, 2012

Les' Moda | Picnic Days and Midnight Kisses BTS

Due to lack of time, we only had these for the behind the scenes. We started at 5pm 'til 8pm. Half of the collection weren't on the shoot. Kev and I just decided to release it on our second collection. I only got few good shoes, the others were from Carol (Kev's sister) and Dianne (one of the models). I love Dianne's shoes but I was shocked of her size, it is huge, 9! Mine is 7 only, which is the normal size of a girl, so on every outfit, she used her shoes. While Je is 7 too. 

We're inspired by Japanese magazines particularly the Jelly magazine. My lovely aunt sent these for me all the way from Japan, the other issues are in Cavite. The first issue I had is the August 2010 which I bought there. The location was here at King's residence. We really spent money for the props. The food for models were Jolibee and Mcdo, oh no unhealthy food! Hahaha! Hoping that they loved the goodies we gave!

Les' Moda | Picnic days & Midnight Kisses
from Bella & Kevin on Vimeo
Here's the BTS video we made, few shots only!
The HMUA for Dianne was me while Je prepped herself. Styled, Post-processed, Video and Photographed by Bella & Kevin Productions.
The teaser before we released the first collection. :)

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