Monday, April 2, 2012

Les' Moda | Picnic Days and Midnight Kisses

Hola lovies! Great to show off our first collection, "Picnic Days and Midnight Kisses"! Have you seen this on our Facebook page? Well if you do, here are the high resolution photos! If you guys owning an item now from our shop, we're very grateful to have you guys! We adore your cooperation and the support y'all have for us! We hope that you're with us 'til the end of this or maybe this is forever! Oh, I wish! 



We fell in love of the fabrics above, hoping that you'll love  it too! Our great models are two of the most purdy fashion bloggers here in our country. Marie Jesrhel Co is the owner of while Dianne Dequina owns Try to visit them awesome fashion blogs! Will blog about the behind the scenes shots and videos in a while!

Always and Forever,

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