Thursday, January 2, 2014

Goals for 2014

Actually my goals this year aren't enough for this space, I have so many plans and wants before I reach my 25th year this coming August. My perspective in life this year might change and I think that's for my own good. I need to be more conscious with my health dahil ang laki laki ko na. This is not over acting because this is true and I know how much fast food intake ang nakakain ko every week. My body clock isn't good also. I sleep at around 4 am and wake up at around 11 because of my works. I am not a morning person and it's not good. 

For my works, I need to learn the "time management" thingy. Haha! All of it were shattered last year that's why lagi akong sabaw at haggard at walang tulog at minsan walang ligo! If you have an unpredictable schedule like me, I know you'll understand. In blogging, I know nawawalan ako ng time for this but I hope this year makapag-share ako ng may mga sense na posts every time I have spare time, I wish andiyan parin kayo para magbasa ng akin blog. ;)

My major goals in 2014 are:
To get back my 18 year old body, own a space and a million!

God bless to all of you and have a happy new year! <3
I will blog all of the major events happened last year in my life.
If you care, that's awesome! ;)


  1. bet ko yung a million! kayang kaya mo yan :) Hihi! I miss you so much!!!

  2. I love your planner! cute way of posting your goals!

  3. For 2014 I plan on becoming a better version of myself in every aspect. Vague pero I guess that's what I'm really aiming on. Continuing the physical activities, healthy food, better perspective in life and other such things. Hope 2014 brings you the best that you deserve and may the challenges that will come your way help you in becoming a better and stronger person. Happy New Year! :)


  4. Ang cute ng scribble mo babe! gawan mo rin ako sa planner ko! wahahahaha :D Dapat tupad mo yan ha! :D

  5. I like how you doodle the planner. Ay basta gusto ko talaga ang work mo. The photos, how you edit. I'm amazed Bella. Hope to meet you soon! :)


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