Tuesday, November 19, 2013

19th Anniversary Gig of Brownman Revival + Layout Design

(poster size)
(cover photo)

It's my first time to make a poster for a band and I hope it turned out well!
I hope you like it?! I want to hear your comments, please make one below!

Anyhoo, I want you guys to invite this coming November 22 at 70's Bistro to celebrate with them as they turned 19! Are you shocked? Yes! Ang tagal papa nila no?
And habang tumatagal, along gumagaling! 

If you want to help me share these posters, please click this! Thank you in advance! <3
Lastly, if you want a layout/graphic design, just inquire at The Creative People's Facebook page here! Thanks!

Just a sample video of Brownman Revival while they're singing live:


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