Thursday, September 12, 2013

Boho Girl by Denise Lunod

My lovely blogger/friend/bazaar partner Denise on my first set of her OOTD! <3 These was taken while at the first day of Manila Sundance Bazaar with her own creation of Cobweb Necklace. I miss this girl agad! And before I end this, I'll leave you guys one of her bloopers! Wag ka magalit Denise! Ang cute eh! Haha! :)


  1. Bella!! I really like your shots! teach me some tips and your secret haha! I heard about her na, I hope to meet you guys someday! :)

  2. Love the dress <3 I bet this shoot was fun :)
    The necklace is nice too

    More OOTD's :)


  3. Always the great photos from you, Bella! You inspire me. :) Perhaps you should do a post about post-processing photos. <3


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