Monday, April 22, 2013

Somehow Corporate

Blazer : Mom's Vintage Closet
Top : Les' Moda
Skater Skirt : Les' Moda
Shoes : CMG
Nail Polish : The Face Shop
Floral Headdress : Il Fiore  
It's been months since I had my outfit post because I don't like to. I know it's a girl thing to say that "Ang taba taba ko na", but mine's literal. Haha! Maybe my Mom's blazer saved me from hiding those. Lol. I wore this ensemble from our Homepage, Net 25 interview with Il Fiore's Rhea Tan Bue and myself for Les' Moda. I'm so happy with Rhea's new business, we always have the same theme and likes! Floral headdresses are not just for summer, it comes with a dainty and girly feeling which is perfect for engagement shoot and weddings! Agree? Il Fiore's headdresses are affordable but the quality is the best! All flowers are unique and designed with Rhea's passion. :) 

My top and skater skirt are from Les' Moda, I'm still not sure if people will patronize these but I need your opinion. Would you like us to sell skater skirt and tops like I'm wearing? For those who will answer, thank you in advance!

Before this ends, I blogged here the interview we had. Thank you! 

Photos : Rhea Bue


  1. I couldn't give my feed back with the top because I can't really see how it looks like. haha Your blazer definitely did all the covering. Lol. As for the skater skirt, it looks great but probably in another print for me. :3

  2. I love your nailpolish and the headress! oh my I wanted to wear it at the beach :)
    I'll soon buy the sunnies you have at your store,,. nagaantay lang ako ng sweldo hhehe :)

  3. eh yung ang ganda mo!!!!! :D bella see you soon na!! love this particular ouotfit of yours, especially yung blazer!!!


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