Tuesday, February 5, 2013

eServe BPO & The Creative People

Conceptualization and directing is really hard to do but I think we did a good job on this video. I don't mean to brag but I am just proud on how we planned and talked about this project. Special thanks to Gem Patricio, the executive secretary.:)

Meeting the staffs and the boss was intimidating but yes we handled it calmly! Personally, I am not a type of person who deals with corporate people. I want to thank God for guiding me when I was directing the employees part. Imagine? Haha!

This project is composed of me, Louie, Ian, Jam, Kev and my cousin Iesel. Thank God for this! 'Til the next projects!

 Aside from Bella & Kevin Productions, I am now a part of a new team called The Creative People along with my friends in CSB. I'm so excited to work with you guys in the future with them! For more infos you may now visit our temporary website here and Facebook page here. Thank you for still reading my blog! <3

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