Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nolita + Keg

Last January 11, I had a date with Kev's cousins for the 3rd time at Bonifacio Global City. This was also a celebration from the successful birthday party of Lola Paning just a week ago. I wanna thank Tito Joone and Tita Arlene for sponsoring our expenses on this day. :) I was with my Mom on the same day but in the afternoon. We visited my Grandmother at the hospital with a 50-50 condition in Marikina. I was exploring the place and Cubao after I left my Mom there because I had to meet Kev at Benilde and headed to BGC immediately.
I'm not used to eat at BGC and this Nolita restaurant is new to me.  But I always go for a nice interior and this one looks so comfy and "cowboy". Wooden chairs and tables for me are always heaven for me!
Big slices of Pizza are around 200 + but it's better to share it with someone. :)
Instead of having a number while waiting. They gave us this unique thing!
Designed in minimalist with laid back feel, this is love!
I was the only one who ordered an Angus Burger and Iced Coffee. Haha!
Reminder, being vain is cute but having fun photo-bombers with you is wonderful. :)
Hello my love!
Don't look at my unnecessary curves. Haha!
Too much photos of Melvin? :))
Really cute instructions in frames!
Fell in love with Nikki's bag. :)
Sunny side up egg in a pizza. Whoa.
Lamps glued at the wall.
 Tabasco are always good in photos but I don't like them 'cause I was born with sweets in my tooth. And that's really obvious! I don't know why people love spicy foods where you can get bad breath and bruised tongue. Haha! Anyway, I should've control everybody when it comes to food. :)

Apparently, I had a great night again with these people and that brought us to Keg where we ordered beers, rhum cokes and other stuffs.

Sometimes I miss my HRM days where we'll buy beers, Emperador, juices and snacks for an overnight house party with some open forums, games and laughters everywhere. I hope you guys are reading this 'cause I really miss the old times. 

Okay, back to reality. :)) Thanks for staying here on my blog and have a great week!
Mine isn't that good this past few days but I know God is always there to help me. :)

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