Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Dreamt of what's gonna happen on December 21,2012:

Ran on a water-y road while people were panicking outside their houses. I had a wedding to cover with myself only. I don't know where are my Katy and Kev (but thank God I didn't saw them in my dream). While taking the stairs to chapel, I noticed Larisse and said "look at the moon" (which is SUPER BIG)! It's bloody red with printed "12.21.12" (weird, right?). The moon has 4 guard lights (like a watch tower) with creepy sounds. As I am waiting outside the chapel without any equipment, I looked up at the window and saw the water's going wild. I shouted, "a Tsunami is coming"! Everyone weren't moving and I was the one running so fast but I saw Larisse on my back. Then I saw room full of double deck beds, climbed up with more than 10 of it until I reached the highest bed. While climbing, the water's hitting the door and windows inside the room we chose to stay. Larisse is lying on the bed (right side) while I am splitting on the two double deck beds on my sides. I was shocked when I saw my high school school mate Marisse on my left side. Hmmm, so it's LaRISSE and MaRISSE? What a coincidence! The water will break our door and we have to take a window going to the roof. I don't what happened next because I chose to wake up myself. 

I'm not trying to be a "Nostradamus". I just wanna share my dream because it's very important to me since I am having nightmares from time to time. And now, even though I don't believe in end of the world on Friday. I feel scared because of my dream. :( Maybe, I'll share to you all of my weird dreams here on my blog. It's always like movies!

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