Monday, October 1, 2012

Cotton On Event / Megamall Branch Opening

Yay! Cotton On is already at Megamall! It's one of the most Landmarks I visit every week that's why I am so happy!  Thank you Bench for bringing it here! If you're a follower on my blog, I attended the Candy Fair and Nail It! before I planned to visit Megamall and since it was Cotton On's event, I took a glance and was able to sit infront with celebrities and other VIP's with slippers on. Lol, what a shame right? 'Cause I left my heels to Kev before going to Nail It! Haha. :)
Enjoy my photos and spot some celebrities just in front of us. :) 
As usual, Raymond Gutierrez hosted the event.
So what's your favorite coordinate? Mine's the last first and the last one.
Guess who's in front of me?
Victor Basa and Divine Lee, the couple you always see in events. And oh, it was my first time to spot Carla Abellana.
And here's Ben Chan. The owner of what? Guess it guys, haha!
Thank you to Bench for bringing L.A dancers here though I'm not familiar with them, they did an amazing number, it was so graceful!
The event was really fun, I felt like in college again which I really miss! Oh SDA!
Of course, it's DJ Callum David in the house! I always see this guy everywhere!
After the event with overflowing pica pica foods, we headed to the store of Cotton On and shopped with celebs like Enchong, Sam Concepcion, Christian, Iya, Lovi, etc.
One of the leggings that caught my eye! It's sparkling!
Had some chit chat with Vern about our Eyelash Extension from Nail It!
Hello Aryana! Oh! you have legs, haha!
 Done shopping!
Purdy shades!
And of course, my crush!
I got so kilig when she looked me that's why it's blurred! HAHA!
My fave shorts!
He was beside me while paying at the cashier, look at his 6 baskets full of clothes. Whoa! 
Glad to bond again with Margaret, Carlo and Vince!
Bought 3 items for Kev and it's only 1,500! Thanks for the 500 voucher Cotton On! Awesome pieces you got! God bless! Haven't had your first visit at Cotton On? Well, you should! :) Leave comments!

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  1. Awesome experience! Celebrities! ENCHONG, Iya... ♥ haha Someday! sabay tayo. SANA :))

  2. wow sis! You really got the nice spot! hahah :)) Lovi Poe <3 <3 lablab. I really want to see her! :3 jeeeh! they have nice clothes! :D daming artista that time ha =)))


  3. dami artista!
    and enchong is there! <3 kainggit.


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