Sunday, September 16, 2012


After how many months of waiting I had the right time to bond with my Mom again just like before, it happened last Wednesday and although Southmall is really too far from me now.. I did commute and riding in a bus was too nostalgic. I wanna thank Black Canyon Coffee Philippines for sponsoring me again and I hope that my Mom enjoyed the food, well I think she did! I miss her so much that sometimes I cry here in QC and just wanna be with her, talk to her, rant about on how my day went and sometimes telling her some secrets. Whenever I feel sick and tired, she feeds me with sermon and will take care of me all the time. I miss buying her pasalubongs kapag I have an extra money from my allowance.
 Though I'm far away in Cavite, I always think about her everyday routines and keep on praying that someday I'll get back to her with all her wishes granted. I've failed once but this time, it'll never happen again. :)

While waiting, they serve an appetizer to tame your tummies!

Spicy Tuna and Thai Herbs Salad

Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables 

Rib Eye Steak with Black Pepper Mushroom Gravy

Ma, yan kain lang ng kain para tumaba ka! Mas sexy ka pa sakin!

Black Hazelnut Frappe & Green Tea Frappe

Black Canyon Coffee is really perfect for breakfast, lunch, merienda or dinner. This is what I love about them except that their foods are delectable and to top it off, all of the crews are so friendly! You'll enjoy every minute of your stay! I promise! Visit this post for my first try in Black Canyon Coffee. :)

(I decided to continue the Black Canyon Gift Certificates contest because the winner is not cooperating, so please visit the post)

After Southmall, I had a meeting with Carmel the owner of Mapleberry Boutique together with Bebe and Kev at SM Megamall. Before we got there, a lot of hindrances came our way. The traffic, someone bumped in our car and more traffic! But all the chikkaness we've talked about made my day!

Gossiping. Hahahaha!

I had fun sharing to Carmel what we do in Bella & Kevin Productions and how blogging goes. Bebe did an excellent talk, good job RN! Hope to see you soon babe! Sorry I haven't attended any events for a while. Thanks to my hubby for bringing me anywhere though nakakapagod. Thanks God for this day, for the foods, met these people and for the nice conversations. More clients, important persons and bloggers to meet.. I wish!


  1. cool! bonding time with your mom! :3 i miss my parents so much o.O i wish i have time to go home xD pretty ladies!: )

  2. I never had a bonding time with my mom.. since busy sya lagi.. :( well i understand her since wala na si papa.. she have to work double time kasi marami kaming magkakapatid. i hope someday, i will give her a special day where all of us will get to bond... :)


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