Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cowgirl In The City

 Denim Vest : Les' Moda
Shorts : Shorts Station
Necklace : Red Apple
Love Ring : Bubbles
Animal Print Tank Top : Loving Smooch

Skin and fatty arms are here! Sorry guys for letting these imperfections run here on my blog but I love myself parin! I like every pieces I am wearing here that's why kinapalan ko mukha ko gumanito! I love this day though sobrang pagod na naman ako. I've visited my Mom or let me say my family in Cavite, I just came home with tired my brain but as I promised I'll let share this OOTD tonight right? Thanks for waiting, if you did! *kiss*

I don't have to explain everything why I did this mixing. What can you say about denim on denim? Is it too much or  just plain awesome? BTW, that Denim Vest is from Les' Moda and it's available! Grab it now please? :)


  1. I lurve the vest sis! Gondo!


  2. Love it sis <3
    Love everything esp. the studded shorts

    Smexy <3

  3. Yay! Sexy mom! Let's rock haha :D I like the whole outfit love <3

  4. Love everything! I can't believe you're a mom! You look so sexy <3

  5. wow! I'm so in love with your shorts. Very chic combination. Good Job ;)


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