Monday, August 27, 2012

Event or Makeup Tutorial | CD Jacket

Hello lovies! It's been 3 years that CD Jackets have been our partner for every video or any portfolio that any CD's and DVD's can store. By then, I think I haven't share with you any of my/our designs. So this will be the first time and we're so excited to share you the Makeup tutorial video we did! This is my second time to do this, the first time's for Louie's project but I am so shy to share it. Hahahaha! Stand by alright? Thanks! ;)


  1. Don;t be so shy just be proud enough dear ;)

  2. This is cool!
    Oh, go ahead and share it sweetie:)

    Can't wait!!!

  3. oohh :D the photo looks interesting. share them. share them! can't wait <3


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