Saturday, July 7, 2012

Purple Carpet

Motorcycle Jacket : Cruella & Co
Necklace : Neon Ice
Shoes : Primadonna
Studded Bracelet : Sol Accessories
Triangle Studded Bracelet : Lovetoshop UK
Pants : SM Department Store 

Let me share to you my outfit first at Yahoo OMG Awards last night before the real photos. This is my favorite outfit as of now and I am thankful to Kev for helping me with this. Though my shoes kept my toes teetering in 5 hours straight it helped my outfit a lot to stand out! If you have this kind of top which is kind of girly and summer-y you can still wear it on rainy days by grabbing a jacket and pants to protect your legs from putik. Do you agree? Because I always experience that and if you don't have any tissue. Sorry nalang! I thought of a "rocker chic" look too so I wore these studded bracelets from two awesome shops, please refer on the links above. Thanks Vince for the photos!

I guess this is it, I will edit the photos pa ha? Thanks for dropping by! Make sure to comment below and hype my look! :) Why did I name it "Purple Carpet"?


  1. Ohh! I love the outfit! <3 Hyped it! Top and bottom matched the shoes. With the leather jacket, its much edgier! Pretty! :D

  2. HYPED! The shoes is very new to me, naeengganyo tuloiy ako magshop tomorrow sa shoe store! Love the top as well. Nice! :D

  3. Love the shooooes! :)

    Btw, please join my giveaway here.
    Thank you! :)

  4. LOVE YOUR TOP!! And really wish I could wear those kinds of shoes :(

  5. Those shoes are LOVE!!!! Thank God Primadonna improved their style. <3

    Following you sis. :)


  6. Bellllllaaa!! ang ganda!! :D love the outfit! super cool! bagay sayo ang ganitong look! <3 love the shoes too! my gaawwwdd <3 <3 <3

    1. Bebe, anything new outfit posts? Di kita nakikita sa Bloggers group? I miss your posts! Hmmm, really? I'll buy more clothes na parang ganito. Thanks dear! <3

  7. the shoes is incredibly gorg!
    the whole outfit is really pretty!!


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