Monday, July 2, 2012

Pair Of Shoes

Hi lovies! I need your help here on choosing a pair of shoes. I don't have anything appropriate here on my closet for Yahoo! OMG! Awards this coming Friday and Kev will help me to buy a pair so please help me with these! Even if I belong to media section, I'd love to dress up 'cause I'll be in patron seat, so celebrities are just around me and I want to be ashamed of my outfit, haha! 

I also love the green ones from CMG (Kryz Uy) and So FAB! (right) but the my most picked is the one with Jessie Mendiola with violet and hot pink! I don't know if it's available, please tell me where to find these! Comment below!

Always & Forever,


  1. I like the shoes Kryz is wearing! :D I think SoFab's shoes is ok rin sis! super cute nyan!! promiiiiseee :D any shoes would look great on you nman! mua! ;)

    1. Yeah! I love it rin! So cute and versatile! Thanks for comment-ing sis! <3

  2. I know this won't help anymore since you bought a pair already. But here it is anyway, I love the pink and violet shoes! You can buy that in So! Fab.


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