Friday, June 1, 2012

What happened?

Hi guys! Finally my bluetooth here on my laptop is now working! I can now share again my mobile photos like what I'm doing on Instagram but I am still using Kev's iPhone for that, haha! Are you following me already? It's @bellamorcen. :)

Just wanna share some happenings from the past few days. My DSLR's at the service center along with high paid techies at Ortigas. I am so sad that it costs 6k plus to have my camera back! My laptop's good but still shutting down spontaneously. My external hard drives crashed together with my important files. Katy's having her teeth now, it is so cute! She looks like a rabbit and turning 7 kilos, hi my Scoliosis!

Our Freelance works are still on with Verniece Enciso (blog), special thanks to my cousin, Iesel. Monica Maceda (I Do Nails), fail Website Design for a company in Singapore (Aspire Designs), thank you Noreen for that! Video shoots with SM Youth, Iya's 4th birthday party and AJ's 1st birthday party. Thank you Phoebe and Louie for lending your cameras and for these projects! Lastly, still looking forward to upcoming rakets! Thanks God!

I passed the "I Am Meg Own the World in Style" first step to auditions but I didn't attend the live auditions at SM Megamall. I'm coward and shy in contests, what I love about that is it's a reality show with sponsors like Clinique, SM Accessories and JRP! How sad.

For Les' Moda, the next collection will be late 'cause we're going to the next level and hoping for the best!

I am forgetful and I guess these aren't the whole experiences I had. Will do musings some other time! See you at Bloggers United 3 tomorrow! Have a great weekend! :) 

P.S: Old photos above.

 Always & Forever,

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