Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Snoopy | 2nd BTS Shoot

 Last June 9-10 we were invited to be the videographers again for Snoopy photoshoot, same as before we were thinking kung makukulit na kids na naman yung nasa shoot. Thank God, medyo three lang naman. They're all so cute like sa mga abs-cbn kids artitsts and caucasians we have worked with on the first shoot. I almost forgot that I was the stylist with the help of Ferdie and Guilly with his partner were the HMUA. So happy that we had time again with them also with Kyle! Anyhoo, the theme is Kpop though I am not a fan I love mixing colors like they always do!

Pretty girls on the shoot doing the "A"

Ala Kim Chiu ang peg!

Kyle, the photographer and the pasimuno ng lahat ng ito. Haha!

Guilly, the HMUA.

The pogi Kevin!

Alone on the second day, unfortunately Kev and his family were in the wedding and I had to carry my three bags from Recto to Balete Drive with my laptop and Louie's camera on it. Hello mandurukots!


Hi Ferdie! I am so excited to work with him in our business!

The most cute and bubbly kid on the 2nd shoot! I kept on speaking in English with her but yes she speaks in Tagalog. Hindi halata no?

While Guilly is Facebook-ing and waiting on Manny's news!

My status on Facebook in Manny x Bradley fight. Hahahaha! This Snoopy shoot photos has a continuation, please wait for it. We have some Snoopy team photos! Lol!

Photographer: Kyle Benson Ong
HMUA: Guilly and partner
Stylists: Bella Morcen & Ferdie

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