Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Kev's Birthday Party

 Here's the birthday pogi boy I am hugging on the photo below! This is the night we laughed together with our CSB friends but they weren't complete 'cause have plenty in SDA and I'm missing them so badly but let's not be sad. I'm gonna share with you our fun filled night!

Larisse, one of my closest friends in CSB. She knows some secrets of me, loves hanging out on bloggers' websites and we're really good on social networking sites, you know what I mean Larisse? Hahaha!

Louie, one of my closest friends again and we used to hang out almost everyday at the condo, we love drinking and some trips like food trip hahaha! The one who's driving is her new boyfriend, ehem!

That beautiful baby came from my tummy!

One of Kuya Eric's gift to Kev, a delectable cake that we really really love!

Friends, thanks for coming!

Entertainment room time with some drinks, ice cream and PS3!

I missed you Red Horse! Wala akong tama! Isa pa! Haha! :(

Those photos are in high spirits! I mean no doubt that this party was so ecstatic! We don't need to party at clubs, a simple gathering is way than blissful!

Can you guess this Selecta ice cream? Clue? I shriek whenever I saw this flavor!

Labs, I hope you had fun on your birthday party! We love you!

Always & Forever,


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely time! Happy to hear it.
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