Sunday, June 17, 2012

Clae's Baptism

I don't want to reach 300 on Topblogs! That's the reason why you're reading this post, I have so many backlogs because of my busy schedule and parties. Not the inuman parties but I miss doing that! Anyhoo, last Saturday we went at Eastwood for Mizuki Clae's baptism, the daughter of our CSB friend Mich, her baby is like a living cotton! So kawaii! 

Before we went at Sambokojin, we waited for Mich's text message if okay na pumunta kami, tom jones na ako sobra as well as Kev that's why napabili kami sa Mrs. Fields ng Iced Coffee, Macadamia Cookie and Ham and Cheese Croissant, they opened earlier unlike Mcdo, Starbucks, Happy Lemon and other restos around Eastwood Mall.

Photos when Katy was playing with me! Thanks Ate Gean for taking care of Katy the whole day!

Wifi password, here you go! HAHA! Yay! Here are Clae's photos below! Warning, cuteness overload!

Mich, we missed you! Thanks for inviting us!

Haha Katy, why are you staring at Clae? Gusto mo siya kagatin no?

Face off!

I enjoyed seeing this part of Sambokojin, I felt like I was in Japan reunited with Kiyota family again! 

Diabetes ba gusto mo?

When I was in Japan, as in AYOKO nito but I said to myself I need to eat something healthy and there, I ate almost 20 of these!

She's like a cotton!

Katy was so taray, antok na kasi. Too good Clae's so friendly!

The souvenir! Kawaii sushi cottons because her Father is half Japanese. :)

The hair do!

Daddy walking around with Katy's bag.

I remember when Ate Gean shrieked because of this guy while Katy wants to hold him, haha!

And the digital girl beside Kev and Katy, lol.

Who loves Samsung Galaxy SIII?

After the we spoiled our tummies, I asked Kev to visit Gingersnaps for Katy and fortunately we bought two items for her! So cute!

I hope you guys enjoy my trip at Eastwood with my family, there is a continuation for this! The advanced night party for Kev's birthday with our CSB friends! Tiring day with fun filled moments!

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  1. Mga damit ng baby, ang mamahal!! haha

    1. Sa sale lang kami. Ako pa! :)

    2. Belle, kainis no ka price nila mga damit natin!

  2. I love sambokojin. I celebrated my birthday there ^ ^
    great foods and good service

    Adorable and cute baby
    wanna pinch her cheeks hihi


    1. Thanks! Yeah I love the food! Hope you had a great time on your birthday! :D

  3. Ang daming pagkain dyosko! HAHA! :)

    Uy I like your necklace.. though feeling ko... sa pic ko lang sia gus2 pag ako na ayaw ko ko na hahaha! :) Ang taba ng baby soo cute <3

    1. It's sponsored and I love it too! Yep, gusto ko nga bumalik eh hehe. :)


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