Wednesday, May 2, 2012



They wanted a layout design for a brochure and gave me photos of Ty Tang and her wife as models. Here it is:


And it didn't stop for just a brochure. I made posters for their clinic too. :)


Design study for an Ad in Businessworld. Joanne picked the last one. :)


The gift certificates. :)


Like a date, Kev and I visited the clinic. It's cute, relaxing and the crews are so friendly! It was November 2011 when my tummy's still bloated. :) Below are the hard copies we saw inside the clinic. So happy!


Joanne got the looks, the skin and the attitude of a good woman. Thanks for 6,500 worth of gift certificates! As well as the package from Kate Jones! :) I am currently waiting for new projects with her. Thank you God for Skin House. Much love! <3


Will post another blog of their facilities and such real soon! :)

Always & Forever,

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