Monday, May 28, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Just wanna share one of my oldest photoshoots over a year ago with these lovely ladies around me. Vina, Kheith and Arlene, fashion design students from CSB-SDA, where I came from. This was our first time to have a photoshoot all together and I just knew Vina and Arlene from that moment. That's why, I am not yet comfortable with the camera but I love their company!

This is my favorite photo ever! (top)

Smashing Vina!

Pa-cute Bella!

Westerner Kheith!

Sexy Arlene!

And just two BTS photos, it was bit late photoshoot in one of the studios at the 10th floor. We finished at around 9:30 PM and thanks to Sir Jao for the help! I am looking forward for new photoshoots, and when would that be? Haha!

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