Monday, May 14, 2012

First Mother's Day

Hi lovies! Thanks for all the greetings over my Facebook and text messages! I am overwhelmed and grateful to have Katy and Kev everyday! So how was my Mother's day?

Thanks to Kev for these gifts! All from my favorite shop and special thanks to Kuya Eric (his brother). Lovin' the print of the top! The leaves earrings with floral print and the lace headpiece! Of course, the simple and sophisticated rose!

Details! Perfect for plain bottom!


Awww, I love you!

And my favorite! Caramel Cappuccino! Thank you Labs for being there and you always give your best for us (Katy)! Yay! Ikaw naman sa Father's Day! Hahaha! Love you!

Always & Forever,

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