Sunday, April 15, 2012

Parisian Bloggers Pictorial Party

Do you love Parisian? For me, when I hear the word "Parisian", affordable and fashionable comes into my mind! Do you agree? When I was a Multimedia Arts student at DLS-CSB SDA, I had to have quality flat shoes to wear everyday 'cause I was living in Cavite. Imagine my travel time and the transportation I went through! Tricycle, Jeepneys, LRT, Buses, Vans. Almost all of it were my usual buddies in commuting. Sudden rain outpours made my shoes ain't nice at all on the next days. I am thankful for Parisian's quality shoes! It lasted for a couple of years!

I am also a fan of a few bloggers here in our country like Cheyser, Tricia, Rhea, Nicole, Valerie and such. I am amazed that Parisian got them for a pictorial! Wish I was an assistant on their shoot! (lol major fangirl te!)
Here, you can vote for your favorite blogger and she will have a chance to win 20,000 worth of GCs and might win some GCs for yourself too! I always vote for Cheyser and thank God she's the leading blogger! Click the photo above to vote. You can only vote thrice in a day.

 Watch the BTS video! Enjoy lovies! Who's your favorite blogger and why?

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