Thursday, April 26, 2012

Not Just An Ordinary Day

How was your day lovies? I had some rough feet earlier from SM North Edsa and Shopwise! Quite tiring but I am so happy! Wanna know why? My Dad and I had a quality time together after a light lunch at Max's with Kev's Mom, Katy and relatives. This is one of my dreams, to be with him just for a day. walking around the mall, sharing a few laughs here and there.
We talked about business while eating at Kenny Rogers 'cos I requested for it. Just wanna share that I am obsessed with Sour Cream and Chives Potato side dish they have. My former favorite was Garlic Cheese and Potato but thank God you faced it out!

We ordered a Tuna Chuck sandwich with my favorite dish, can you please guess it? Haha kidding! Before we left the restaurant, I asked for a whole chicken and another side dish to bring it home, unluckily the potatoes were sold out! Kev and I just ate the half of it earlier haha!

Off to Ace Hardware, I had let myself accompany him while finding stuffs for his farm.  A random wind came and make a kapal mukha move with these words, "Daddy, may ipapabili ako sa'yo, 1k, steam iron". Hahahaha, he replied, "o sige kunin mo". Yay, another sponsored necessary item for Les' Moda's pieces!

 I thanked him and make kulit parin with his Iphone 4s na ibigay nalang sakin before we shared our goodbyes. I hope next month would probably eat and talk business stuffs again! 

Kev's mom did a grocery shopping at Shopwise Commonwealth and nang-trip na naman kami ni Kev ng mga unhealthy foods! Haha! Look at the photo left above, are you going to buy a rice in can? Gross, so disgusting and not healthy. Please do not buy one! I adore Arizona's graphics! So summer-y! And when did a sardines become chips? Huh? Ligo?


Wanna try this one! The cookies are like Ritz!

Sat down at Jolibee for a while and saw these three girls kinda obsessed with their Ipad/Galaxy Tab with free WIFI! Lol! Starvucksz Teh?

Thanks to Tita Evelyn for this wonderful must-have stuffs for Katy! She has a chair na rin! I remember when she sat down on a high chair kanina, sobrang saya niya. So priceless! That's it guys! Thanks for appreciating my posts! I love y'all!

Always & Forever,

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