Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Les' Moda | Verano Touch BTS

Here's the behind the scenes for Les' Moda's Verano Touch collection! Ecstatic, full of smiles and all bloated with foods! Saw Kev laughing so hard with his old friend John, I loved how they reunited for a day. And for Jill and I, we talked about girl stuffs like cosmetics, clothes and such.

I was the HMUA for Jill. I loved how her eyes got bigger on four eyeshadows from Props and fake lashes from Japan I've used. Her hair is so straight and I think I got the curls wrong in using a flat iron.

We don't have a rack yet on our last shoot but we have one now! Thanks to Kev's Mom for sponsoring! 

Goofed around! Good old friends.


My face here is so exhausted!

The model and my partner in crime!

John, why so serious? Bella, why so busy? Jill, why so cute?

Goodies for Jill!

We know she loves it! 

Thanks Jill! She bought the Vintage Brown Bag (left) from Les' Moda!

Instagram photos here! <3

Sorry I look so tired. It was so exhausting and hot! Thanks to Kev's Mom again, she helped us preparing foods for Jill and John. Even took care of our baby! For more photos, click here.

Always & Forever,

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